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Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Friday, January 28, 2011

500 Reston 2020 Blog Posts and Counting...

The Reston 2020 blog post yesterday afternoon notifying readers of the postponement of last night's Reston 2020 meeting was the 500th post in the fourteen months this blog has been in operation.  As reflected in the "Topical Index" in the right-hand column, the 500 posts have covered just about every conceivable topic related to planning in Reston.

Here are some other statistics about this blog based on automatically collected data:
  • The blog has had more than 13,000 visitors since we started counting one year ago almost to the day--that's about 1,100 visits per month.
    • This includes more than 2,500 visitors who have visited the blog multiple times.  
    • The vast majority of those visits are from the Reston area, but include US visitors from as far away as San Franciso and international visits from more than a dozen countries.
  • We have "embedded" (enclosed PDF versions of) more than 200 documents in blog posts. 
    • These embedded documents (which are stored in the digital library) have been read more than 30,000 times, some 24,000 of those reads have been "click throughs" from the blog.
    • Some 2,600 of those reads have been within the last month.
    • Reston 2020 documents stored on with more than 400 reads each include various TOD committee reports, several documents on parks, and several of Reston 2020's working group reports
    • And people are taking these reads seriously.  The average time spent reading each document is more than five and a half minutes--including those people who may have made a mistake and moved on quickly. 
The blog has clearly become an important source of information and research for Restonians and others on the course of planning for the community.  We welcome your readership and contributions to the blog and to the committee effort. 

Stay informed, stay involved--Read the blog and participate in the RCA Reston 2020 Committee.

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