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Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Preliminary Report on Key Issues in RA's Mishandling of the Purchase and Renovation of the Tetra Property, Reston 20/20 Committee, March 13, 2017

E-mail transmitting report to RA Board of Directors and others: 

Terry Maynard

Today at 10:01 AM

Message body

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

Attached for your consideration is a brief preliminary report on RA's mishandling of Tetra based on the work of StoneTurn Group in laying out the relevant events and the excellent work of a small group of Reston 20/20 researchers who ferreted out additional information and tied it all together.  Our goal in this report was to pinpoint areas for follow-up so we, as a community, can understand who was behind what happened and why those events occurred.  It is meant to stimulate discussion and a much deeper follow-up initiative to get to the bottom of all the mistakes that occurred and hold accountable those who made them.  In the end, if we do not hold accountable those who horribly mishandled the Tetra purchase and renovation, we can almost certainly expect a similar debacle to occur in the future.

In light of the fact that the current Board majority was immersed in all the events described here and in StoneTurn's report, it has no credibility in conducting any further actions on Tetra.  The new RA Board, installed next month with a majority not involved in Tetra, should tackle the issues we raise here and any others it finds in a deep dive effort by a committee of Restonians.

In the meantime, we look forward to discussing StoneTurn Group's report as well as our own at tomorrow's special Board meeting, assuming the forecast blizzard doesn't prevent the meeting from occurring. 

Terry Maynard, Co-Chair
Reston 20/20 Committee

   A Preliminary Report on RA's Mishandling of the Purchase and Renovation of the Tetra Property by TerryMaynard on Scribd

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