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Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Friday, February 10, 2017

RA's Tetra "Independent Review" Contract and Key Offers

Below we offer Restonians the full text of the "independent review" contract RA signed with StoneTurn Group and the first and final draft contract offers it made to Mediaworld.  Separately we have commented on some key substantive differences between the final Mediaworld draft and the agreement RA signed with StoneTurn Group highlighting how prejudicial the Mediaworld offer was.  If you compare the two Mediaworld contract offers, you will also find that the first offer was even more prejudicial than the final offer. 

Also, although there are few differences in the scope of the proposed contract between the several offerings, StoneTurn Group answers to questions at the community meeting  yesterday suggested that Restonians would not be satisfied with the result of the StoneTurn Group effort.

Although we have been having some difficulty with the comments section, we welcome your thoughts in the comments section below on these contract alternatives.  If you are having problems posting your comment, please send them as an e-mail to and we will post them.  



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