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Monday, February 8, 2016

Keeping Tabs on the Reston Network Analysis Group

The Reston Network Analysis Group has been meeting for three months, but little of what it has heard or said has been broadly shared with Restonians although some of what it has heard is on the County's Reston Network Analysis Group webpage.  So, we have decided to make available to you the presentations and minutes of the RNAG meetings on this blog so you can keep track of what is going on.  Where possible, we'll try to provide a brief overview of each of the presentations here.


This presentation lays out the goals and methods of the RNAG study.  It includes detailed technical results of transportation models run on the Dulles Toll Road as well as the existing conditions at the intersections on the major Reston roadways (e.g.--Reston Parkway and Sunset Hills) and walksheds.
Reston Funding Plan:  Potential Sources for Revenue for Funding Reston Transportation Improvements, December 14, 2015
This presentation examines the various sources of revenue that may be used to fund the $2.63 billion cost of implementing Reston's major transportation improvements.  Some of these require authority from the state, others do not.  It describes how the Tysons infrastructure funding effort works.

Reston Network Analysis--2050 Unmitigated Results--January 11, 2016
This presentation lays out the results of FCDOT's 2050 simulation of traffic conditions in the Phase 1 (station areas plus Reston Town Center).  It focuses on the major intersections, which broadly failing, but also includes data on the network of local streets.  It also describes the "tiered approach" to mitigating traffic delays from least costly to most costly.

Reston Network Analysis--2050 Unmitigated Results--January 15, 2016
It is not clear what difference there is between this copy of the presentation and the one above.
 Reston Network Analysis--Community Kick-Off, February 1, 2016
 This is the briefing FCDOT provided a community meeting on the RNAG's efforts.  It describes the Phase 1 Comprehensive Plan that is driving the work of RNAG and concurrent Reston efforts, focusing on the need for a "grid of streets" within the station areas (although little of the preceding suggests RNAG has discussed the grid very much).  It provides an overview of the traffic conditions current and future plus a summary of the mitigation strategy.  It describes the process with working with the community and stakeholder groups--which are different--as well as the public. 
September 15, 2015 Minutes
Described as the second meeting of the RNAG (there are no earlier minutes), these minutes focused on the process for proceeding with the study.  
 November 9, 2015 Minutes
The meeting seems to have focused on the existing conditions with a preliminary overview of the funding issues.
 December 14, 2015 Minutes
The meeting focused on the Reston funding plan presentation above. 

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