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Reston Spring
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Use of Metrorail declines despite addition of Silver Line due to reliability, safety.

From Washington CityPaper's CitizenDesk:

Metro: On-Time Rail Performance, Customer Satisfaction Continue to Drop

Screen shot 2015-11-02 at 3.01.01 PM
Metrorail on-time performance, quarter three
People who ride Metro are increasingly dissatisfied as on-time rail performance dropped on all six lines between July and September, according to the agency's latest Vital Signs report.
The drops coincide "with railcar shortages, speed restrictions, and service reductions following a fire to prevent bunching," the report [PDF] states. Rail customer satisfaction fell from 73 percent in quarter two to 67 percent in quarter three, "attributable almost entirely to the reliability of the service."
The bad news continues:
  • "The minimum car requirement was only met 10 out of 64 weekdays this quarter. Average weekday service was run with a shortage of about 50 cars."
  • "Reliability was below target each month in Q3/2015, and 25 percent worse than the same quarter last year due to an increase in propulsion problems on railcars."
  • "By the end of September over 50 cars were indefinitely 'parked' due to a lack of parts, an issue that continued into Q4/2015."
 Clear here to read the rest.

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