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Reston Spring
Reston Spring

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rescue Reston calls on Supervisor Hudgins to Block Elimination of Planning Commission Review of Redevelopment Proposals for Village Centers

In an e-mail to Hunter Mill District Supervisor Cathy Hudgins, other members of the Board of Supervisors, and others, Rescue Reston President Connie Hartke calls upon the Board to block the Planning Commission's proposal to drop its involvement in proposed redevelopment of Reston's village Centers.  

Here is a copy of her e-mail:
Dear Supervisor Hudgins,

We understand that the Fairfax County Planning Commission has recommended removal of the requirement for Village Centers to undergo Comprehensive Plan Amendments in order to promote their redevelopment.

Rescue Reston is alarmed at this suggestion to shortcut our County process.

The Rescue Reston Board asks you and the Board of Supervisors to maintain control over the Reston part of the Comprehensive Plan by striking this recommendation. 

The Reston Citizens Association recently wrote a 411 information sheet on PRC Districts in an effort to educate the public on these three very unique County Zoning Districts. It is attached and online at

By copy of this email, we are asking Supervisor Cook and Supervisor Herrity to stand with you as they each have a Planned Residential Community District within their Districts.

PRC Districts require a comp plan amendment and the BoS must hold strong on controlling this piece of the process. 


Connie Hartke, President
Rescue Reston

cc: Supervisor John Cook, Braddock District
      Supervisor Pat Herrity, Springfield District
      Chairman Sharon Bulova
     Rescue Reston Board of Directors
     Tim Thompson, Fairfax County Federation of Citizens' Associations
     Reston Citizens Association Board of Directors
     RCA Reston 2020 Committee

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